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My name is Shane and I have my Degree from Appalachian State. University in Applied Mathematics. Worked in technical sales and operations positions throughout my career.

I found myself in sprayfoam insulation in 2004, while running operations with a company marketing energy effiicient wall solutions, using ICF's (Insulated Concrete Forms). Several residential clients asked what product would be super energy efficient in their attic space to complete the envelope, and the process began searching for the product to fit their needs. Spray foam insulation was the solution.

Press forward 12 years and here we are. After 3 companies, two mergers, and countless builders asking, “Why don't you start your own company”, Hunter GREEN Foam was created.

Our Customers

I wanted to share my experience with Hunter Green Foam insulation.   I used them on a complex project recently for a Tri-level custom home of over 7000 square feet, where all the delivery objectives such as cost, schedule and quality were achieved.  What was more notable was Shane partnering with me in working thru design consideration for the final solution.  We had to work thru airflow requirements by shingle manufacturers to fire retardant regulations, arriving at hybrid home solution that could compete with any new construction home.  While the project is not fully complete, the electrical bills have been less than half of what we had planned based on past experience, which is as real as it gets for me.

Shane worked directly with me and always kept my interests first, at time proposing approaches that reduced his business revenue/profit because it was a better solution for his client.   My peers typically view me as their local consumer source for best sub-contractors as I am very selective for who I work with, and even more so who I recommend.
When it comes to insulation, there is only one number on my speed dial . . . . Hunter Green Foam.

Greg Smith
Hi Shane,

Your work crew and product exceed all of my expectations.  Your company is an example of excellence.  

Not only did you meet my extremely short time line ("I need it done now" kind of timeline), but you improved the overall quality of our home.

Our bonus room, above the garage, was a cold bedroom.  We utilized space heaters and electric blankets to make it tolerable.  Overnight, your company rectified this problem.  The bonus room is now well insulated.  What an amazing difference!!  I walk barefoot into the room and the floor feels warm in the winter!  Prior to your insulation, there was a "wall of cold" you would feel when entering the bonus room.

Thank you for improving my home and coming through with my ridiculous time line request.

It was like being visited by the insulation fairies.  I went on vacation and returned to a newly insulated house!  How awesome is that!

Kris Earle

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